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Range Observations: Going Full Retard


When I RO people at the range I work at I like to share some drills that can help whatever the shooter is doing.  One drill I introduce is controlled pairs.  I have found this clears up the “riiight now” triggering which is where people may be jerking the trigger, milking or anticipating the shot.

What I think the drill does is gets the shooter to trust the sights and not tense up right before the shot.  An overwhelming majority of the time they shoot more accurately than when they were “trying” to shoot accurately.

The people I introduce this to have already shot around 50 rounds.  I think it takes about a box of ammo before someone starts to anticipate recoil and drive the shots low.  It is a results oriented thought process of trying to make a better shot.  I like to explain that you trust the sights and allow the gun to recoil but I don’t really expect a mere explanation to work.

Almost half of the people say you mean “double tap” when I ask them if they know about controlled pairs.  Then I go into a discussion of what exactly a controlled pair is and how we wait for the sights to settle after recoil before making the next shot.

Some go “full retard” and just blast off two shots not paying attention to the sights.  I most often laugh and say something about getting frisky asking them if they had fun.  Then I say to them it’s okay to shoot that fast but this time look at the sights and you’ll get a better result.

Regardless of the outcome I’ve found that the shooter really enjoys doing this.  Most often they have never shot a pistol before and definitely haven’t shot two shots this fast.

In reality Canadians show up to the range to have fun unless they’re Military or Law Enforcement and even then they have fun at our range.


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