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Recoil Management


Is there such a thing as recoil management?

The concept of recoil management really doesn’t seem describe what is needed to do good controlled pairs and bill drills.  I find these two drills are good for finding areas of improvement in grip, stance, trigger calling shots etc.  Where is the element of “managing recoil” get applied?  When actually shooting the drills it is the solid grip that returns the sights to the target not any intentional “management” of recoil.

For a good controlled pair or bill drill the stance and grip has to be set and solid.  If any of these two things get out of shape stuff downrange isn’t going to be pretty.  Additionally recoil happens so fast that it is an open loop activity.  In other words the human body is unable to sense, interpret and react as the gun is cycling.  Any correction or management happens before or after the event.  This is why I say stance and grip need to be set before shooting.

Trying to call the shot, sense what is happening to pull the trigger or wait a fraction of a second is probably what we can do consciously.



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