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Waiting for the sights


More on visual patience and waiting for the sights to arrive:

Is there such a thing as having to wait?  Can wait can be defined as to stop or to disengage?  If we disengage then having to wait to do something really isn’t necessary because there is nothing to do.  Also, when we are waiting to do something impatience can set in.  Impatience thoughts are like “I’m ready to pull the trigger and the sights aren’t there yet but I’m rushing and impatient so I’m going to shoot anyway”.  So if we actually disengage from actively puling the trigger instead of “waiting” we don’t have to be patient.  Waiting and being patient both are conscious activities since the subconscious really can’t tell time.  To do this we get the conscious mind to make the gun go bang when the sights arrive.  The trigger is pulled subconsciously.


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