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The Scorpion Brothers and Range Etiquette


Indoor gun ranges get busy and are crowded on the weekends especially in the winter months.

Being a member allows to you use the range,   Paying the fee allows you to use the range.

Being a member and paying your fee doesn’t entitle you to be inconsiderate.

All ranges have safety policies and rules.  Violate them and you are out.

The are unwritten rules of etiquette…Like don’t lie.

First incident last weekend involved a couple guys who smelled like pot and acted like they were high.  The decision to refuse them was considered when they were third in line.  Confirmation was sought by other colleagues.  A statement was made by the person manning the counter that he smelled marijuana that morning.  The two were asked if they had been smoking pot.  They denied it.  The person at the counter apologized that because he does smell something and they might be intocated they need to come back at some other time.

There was no argument or resistance.  They were allowed to save face and leave.  They are more than welcome at the range in the future.  I hope they come back, they’re probably nice guys.

There was another guy who was un-casing in the wrong area.  He’s black badge certified and would have been disqualified if it was a match.  I quickly came up to him and corrected him.  He complied.  He’s a little sketchy, I could’ve booted him out but I didn’t.  He actually asked for clarification on where it is okay to uncase at the range.  I’m going to keep an eye on him but I don’t think he’ll be as lax because I had called him on it.

Two other guys, I’ll call them the Scorpion Brothers, were not intoxicated, did not violate any safety rules are definitely not welcome at the range.

One was fronting for their friend with their guns.

So, if you’ve been approached by staff and given “suggestions” you really need to follow them.  We will try to be nice about it but we don’t have to.  If you don’t feel welcome certainly go somewhere else.


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