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Revo Files: Transitions


Shooting transitions with a revo is different from an auto.

When doing a 2-2-2 on three targets that are pretty closely spaced with a revo the limiting activity is the trigger.

Transitions and recovering from recoil takes less time than working the trigger to shoot the next shot.  It is opposite with autos.

This means you have to work the trigger the same time you’re transitioning, recovering from recoil and aiming.

Shooting with an auto you are already on the trigger before you transition to the next target or you’re ready to shoot before the acceptable sight picture happens.  This removes the “steering in the sights” or “cleaning up the sight picture” ability that you get with revolvers.

This means you stop working the trigger of an auto waiting for the sights to show.  This starting and stopping of the trigger manipulation is not conducive to smoothness on the trigger.  It isn’t at least for me and made me very jerky with my transitions.  Dry-fire with an auto made this even worse because I would do a double on a target and jerk the gun to the next target. The result in live fire was a mess.  Dry-fire with a revolver was a lot closer to live fire and ultimately I made progress with smoothness and speed.



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