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Flinch: Convincing New Shooters it isn’t the sights


At the RO job yesterday and a guy’s wife waved me over.  The guy had just bought a swee P226 Scorpion in gray and blue with some really nice grips.  http://i.ytimg.com/vi/ywYRhoXkD-g/maxresdefault.jpg At 3 yards he was hitting over a foot low.

He asked me to shoot his gun and tell me where it is aimed.  I gave a quick shot and hit the nine ring.  That got his attention.

I proceeded to do the diagnostic trigger drill with him, pulling the trigger for him while he aimed.  Ten ring hit.

That really got his attention…and started some beneficial confusion and questioning.  He was no longer suspecting the gun.

I then had him do a couple dry-fire shots.  A major flinch showed up and he connected with what was going on.

A live fire shot immediately after a half dozen dry fires to settle his sights a little bought the hits up a foot.

The lightbulb went on but more important it was clear on how to correct his low hits.  It seemed like it was a happy discovery with no judgement and beating himself up.  All of a sudden the thousand plus dollars he spent on this gun was worth it and he was beginning to get connected to his pistol in the way I wish everyone could connect with their guns.

I left him with instructions: if he is hitting low, do some dry fire shots to take care of the push down.  It will save ammo and improve accuracy.

Now was the crucial part.  His self-image was very vulnerable.  He was apologizing for saying it was the gun that he just spent over a grand on and didn’t realize it was what he was doing.  I complimented the quality of his Sig Sauer saying that he made a good choice.  I also told him that it is common to do this and asked “How do you think I knew exactly what was going on?”.

Smiles all around.  I love it when people enjoy shooting.



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