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Age as an Excuse

I really don’t think age is a valid reason for not shooting as well as someone younger.  If you are not young and have personal and professional commitments having less time to work on your skills is a valid reason for your current level of performance.  It becomes more important to be honest about one’s performance if time is the obstacle to improvement.  This is a function of priority and a time management not an issue of skill or ability.

You don’t have to like your current level of performance even if it is because of the lack of time.  This is actually beneficial for motivation and working to use time more efficiently.  I’ve seen too many people they are “okay” with their shooting and say “they are in it for fun” after totally botching a whole match.  Those statements scream self-image protection and avoidance of the problem.  It ultimately blocks any improvement.

Sure, some people don’t care about competition and just enjoy shooting their guns.  I’m not this type of person and I believe there are a lot of people who would be the same if they could see through their self-imposed limitations.  Once we recognize in what ways we limit ourselves we can be honest with our performance and truly enjoy shooting.


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