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Automatic Skills and Neutral Stance

Another day RO’ing at the local range and a fellow shooter who is D class was practicing with his son.

At last qualifier I listened to his scores.  He was shooting alpha-delta or alpha mike pretty consistently.  I thought he was rushing the second shots.  Then I took a look at his shooting the next stage.

First he was defaulting to his semi-weaver stance.  He was also consciously pulling through the double action on his shadow.

I approached him and asked him to try a bill-drill with an isosceles stance.  I got him to think about being neutral and just watching the front sight.  He started the fist few shots at a slow pace but then he busted sub .20 splits.  A light bulb came on.

Then I asked him to do a one-shot draw.  He did okay but hoiked it to the left.

I told him to do it again but this time have is conscious pay attention to hitting the grip and just getting the sights on target.  It went smoothly and fast.  Dead center alpha.

I pointed out that he can pull a double action shot automatically and that getting a good grip and having the front sight on the target is what his conscious mind should pay attention to.  I said “You can pull a double action shot automatically, just tell your subconscious to make the gun go bang”.

I had to RO someone else and I was hearing him shoot some consistent bill drills.

I will follow up with him to see how this is integrating with his shooting.


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