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01/22/15 Classifier #13 The Shooting Edge, Calgary AB

11/22/14 Started ROing at Phoenix Gun Range, Edmonton AB

9/21/14 Recieved PAL/RPAL

11/18/14 On the long road back and gaining speed!

04/26/14 Arrived in Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada as a Permanent Resident

08/23/12 Sevigny Competition Sights Fiber Optic Front (Red)

08/04/12 Far side of 40! I’m 46 now.

08/01/12 Glock G21 Gen4 – New Toy!

07/25/12 Slump or Plateau?

06/17/12 Panteo Clinic The Range

06/09/12 Dean Brevit Level 2 class at Caswell Ranch, North Carolina

05/13/12 Classified Expert in the IDPA Stock Service Pistol Division – The Range Oxford NC

01/12/11 Zombie Shooter’s Association Inaugural shoot – Eagle One

09/11/11 I’ve taken up competitive shooting again – first IDPA style match – PDHSC

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