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North of forty and still on the trigger.

I am prior military, received training in competitive and tactical shooting, practice Japanese “Zen” Archery, compete in IPSC, IDPA, Zombie Shooters Association blah blah blah and etc.  Plenty of people out there just like me who love the shooting sports and guns.

There is a lot more involved in shooting than buying a gun, ammo and going out to the range.  In this blog I will emphasize these other parts of the shooting.

I’m working at getting better at shooting Action Pistol with limitations on time and money.  This is my general approach…

  • I’m not doing it dirt cheap since I like nice stuff.  Because I don’t have the time or money to dicker with off-brand stuff.
  • I choose my equipment from what I see work at matches. Because I don’t have the time or money to dicker with stuff.
  • I train based on the advice and training from local Master and Distinguished Master level shooters.  Specifically, Dean Brevit and Tom Becker.

You can KNOW it all from books and DVD’s but you have to TRAIN to get GOOD…

So, if you can relate I invite you to read on…


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