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Carbine Techniques

A co-worker recently bought an AR.  That got me remembering some of the training I’ve received.  This is the copy of the letter of what I sent them.

The information show in the videos below reflect the techniques I use for shooting carbines.  This is information and actually performing these techniques requires a structured “ramp up” type of instruction.
However, the fundamentals can be practiced with dry-fire.  I work on bringing the gun up from low ready getting used to the sights and the gun’s setup.  Also, establishing position and acquiring targets is another skill that benefits from dry-fire.  Nearly all dry fire drills are “target acquisition” and are done without pulling the trigger.
As for working around cover that is something that has to be shown in person.  I haven’t found any good videos to convey the techniques.
Stance and how to hold.
Grip and refinement of stance.
Trigger control.
Todd Jarrett on Prone
From a truck bed
Slings and transitions.  In reality rifles are carried more than they are shot.  This is about Todd not this youtube channel.  I really don’t align with the “student of the gun” mindset.
Around vehicles.  It says “unconventional” but these are now common methods.  The getting in and out of cars if a big one especially with carbines but the pistol techniques apply.
Okay, this is what is actually relevant to us.
How to set up your rifle for real tactical operation.
Some operators.

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