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Temporal Pressure

I think this terms covers any kind of time pressure, the urgency of a defensive shooting situation, match pressure and also training pressure.

Pressure creates stress by definition whether it’s in shooting or in engineering.

Stress causes arousal.  In the cases we’re talking about arousal creates fear and anxiety.

It is how we deal with fear and anxiety that is what we train for.

Actually getting out to train is another pressure.  The stress is different.  It is more of a distraction to current tasks.  The “should I be doing something else” voice in our heads.  We go internally and start running simulations in our heads.  If we are well trained we are able to make decisions.

This kind of decision making also presents itself in a defensive shooting situation also.  Lanny Bassham calls it the anticipatory phase.  His context is in competitive shooting but I think this also applied so defensive.  How well have we prepared?

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